kurumsallARMGE Tech. is a dedicated company specifically operating to assist Research and Development (R&D) organizations and companies by providing them enormous range of technical products and helps them source the necessary materials/components through worldwide sourcing opportunities in the shortest time range.

As ARMGE, we are fully aware of the restricted timing of a project and extra high cost of time in R&D and also struggling the lack of necessary component stock in the close district. All in short, we are to support any kind of electronic R&D team by the help of our worldwide sourcing network on any kind of specific need and extra quick delivery options.

What is more, ARMGE is providing professional engineering solutions in the fields of semiconductor industry, wide range of measurement and laboratory analysis/testing as well as industrial solutions such as electronic design and prototyping, wire bonding, express PCB manufacturing and SMT assembling. To do so, ARMGE is collaborating with industry and research professionals all over the world.

With its extended network on the globe, there will always be some point that ARMGE can always assist you.