With a manufacturing capacity of more than 1000 pieces of end user electronic goods and also a large facility to manufacture transparent conductive oxides, Runfast is one of ARMGE’s major partner in terms of providing reliable manufacturing solutions forour clients.

isortagi2As one advanced solution provider in the fileds of semiconductors and IC analysis, Semicaps is an Incolabs corporation. Semicaps offers internal analysis of ICs, suitable package selection and packaging techniques and similar field interested solutions to you via ARMGE. isortagi3A world class university, PolyU who opens the doors of extensive research laboratories to ARMGE, thus to its clients, is offering highly advanced facilities that are very difficult to access for many others. With its world class laboratories, PolyU is providing semiconductor manufacturing, characterization, material studies, optoelectronic devices, optical measurements, electronic tests and even PCB analysis for ARMGE’s valuable clients.
isortagi4By providing access to all stocks in Greater China, Tranton Electronics is an indispensable strategic partner of ARMGE in Far East for successful operation in specific components, quality tests and many other special facilities; thus it has a very special partnership with ARMGE. isortagi5As one of the leaders of innovation in education, BAU takes a close position near ARMGE for their patent and industry oriented new projects in academic and research aspects.. isortagi5A medical devices and applications developer with its specialized R&D team and factory, Aviton is mostly producing end user products in telemedical field. At the same time ARMGE, as the regional distributor, provides important feedbacks on the products before modification periods of the versions so as to succeed in the target markets owing to its extensive experiences on medical devices and systems. Aviton is willing to take a successful place in Turkey market by updating their products together with ARMGE.