1. 1- How can I get more detailed information about your products and services?
    You can directly contact us via “Contact Us” page and learn about range of products or even can get datasheets of corresponding products.
  2. 2 - I have a technical question. How can i get help?
    By stating “Technical Support” in the subject of your email, you can send details of your problem yo “Info@armge.com” . Our technical support team will evaluate your query and you will get a respond within 48 hours.
  3. 3 - How can I place an order?
    You can make a requirements list or request a list template from our sales staff. Into the list you are asked to give technical descriptions and details of the items and quantities, then you can email it to sales@armge.com for us to quote you.
    Moreover, if you are highly sensitive and want to be sure what you are ordering, you can also attach Farnell, DigiKey or similar global sourcing company’s stock code for our reference. The products may not be directly sourced through those global suppliers however the codes may be needed for reference.
  4. 4 - Are the products sourced through Digikey, Farnell or similar portals?
    ARMGE who has globally strong sourcing network, also can source the products that are difficult to access on globe. Therefore, your products are seldom sourced from Digikey, Farnell or elsewhere well known. In general, most of the products are sourced through ARMGE’s global network and final packages are prepared and shipped by RMD Technologies (Hong Kong) Ltd. which is sister company of ARMGE in Hong Kong.
  5. 5- If I do not know which product that I really need to purchase, whereas I can describe my need; is it possible for me to ask your assistance to determine correct part for my requirement?
    Owing to our highly experienced technical and sales staff, any query that you will direct to ARMGE will be investigated by technical people as well and most appropriate parts will be chosen on your behalf. The final quotation will sent to your evaluation. Once you approve the quote, your order will be processed shortly. Only thing you need to do is, to contact us via sales@armge.com or via other contact channels on our website.
  6. 6 - What is the approximate delivery time of the orders?
    The products that are available in domestic stocks could be delivered within 24-48 hours; while in overseas stocks you will be offered 2 options: if you would prefer to enjoy “Express Sourcing” solution of ARMGE, the products will be delivered to you within 48-72 hours, or if you choose normal sourcing period, you can receive the goods within 6-10 days.
  7. 7 - What is the approximate lead time of Express PCB solution and how can we utilize this?
    Depending on your demand, Express PCBs could be delivered within 48-72 hours. You only need to send your GERBER files to our sales@armge.com email address.
  8. 8 - We have got the PCBs and components ready in hand, can we get your SMT Assembly (PCBA) solution only?
    If you have also got your stencil ready in your hand and all the components are ready, you can get your PCBA completed within 24-72 hours. If you have missing components or your stencil is not prepared yet, you can also ask for additional solutions by ARMGE.
  9. 9 - We have an IC that we would like to analyze and understand internal structure and system architecture by decapsulating the chip package and also we would like to ask laboratory tests and measurements. How can you help us on this?
    In surveillance of business law and ethics, you are required to fill and sign the “Reverse Engineering Service Request Form” which will be provided to you in accordance with your enquiry so that you can benefit from this service. After fulfilling the procedure, you need to ship the part that you would like to have analyzed.
  10. 10 - I have got a module which I would like to make it reverse engineered for understanding hardware as well as software basis; so is it also possible to get similar service like the IC case above?
    Same as the system described above in 9th question, you are supposed to fill and sign the “Reverse Engineering Service Request Form” then you can even get PCB X-Ray scan and deep analysis of any system that you have requested.
  11. 11 - What are included in optical analysis and how can we get this service?
    You can almost get every kind of optical measurement. The most common ones are power and efficiency, internal and external quantum efficiency (IQE and EQE), UV-Vis absorption,reflection, refraction. You must fill “Laboratory Tests Services Form” which will be provided to you by our sales staff and by returning the form you can enjoy this services.